Automatic TeX Recompilation

A Dead C Program

This page used to be about a C program. But on second thought, the whole thing is a poor implementation of an idea that can be hacked in 10 lines of shell. So, here is a saner alternative.


TEX=  # list your main tex file here
DEP=`find . -name '*.tex' -not -name $TEX`

compile() {
	pdflatex $TEX < /dev/null
#	bibtex ${TEX%.tex}.aux
#	pdflatex $TEX < /dev/null
#	pdflatex $TEX < /dev/null

[ -e $PDF ] || compile
# xpdf -remote view $PDF &
mupdf $PDF &

while true
        inotifywait -qr -o /dev/null -e modify $TEX $DEP
        # xpdf -remote view -reload
	[ -e $PDF ] && killall -HUP mupdf

Modify it to your liking. I usually compile only once in compile() and tolerate flaky references to have a faster iteration cycle. If I want the references fixed, I just save the file a second time.